In-school Volunteers

Early in the pandemic, we carried out a risk assessment and established our ‘Covid-19 Protocol‘ which implemented government requirements and, we believe, provided an environment for our volunteers in schools which was as safe ‘as is reasonably practical’.  We agreed with all of our partner schools that they would perform their responsibilities under this protocol.

In spring and summer of 2021, as mass vaccination was rolled out and the government progressively reduced restrictions, we periodically reviewed and updated the Protocol, with the current version being from September 2021. The main provisions of the original Protocol requiring social distancing, good ventilation, and handwashing remain in place to provide appropriate minimisation of risk.

Area Leaders

Our Area Leaders may choose to use video calls to replace all or some in-person meetings with schools and In-school Volunteers.


Our Mentors are not currently visiting schools.  They are working together remotely to develop resources for teaching and for supporting our In-school Volunteers.

Volunteering with us

If you are interested in volunteering with us, do please contact us.