Number Champions is run entirely by volunteers, and, to date, we have used all of our donations to deliver and develop our service.

In 2018, we obtained funding for a two-year pilot period to cover the charity start-up costs, and test and refine our model so that our service was offered free of charge to early-adopting schools.

These schools reported significant benefits to children working with our volunteers.  All of them noticed improvements in the children’s numeracy work, and most reported significant improvements.  We believe that the investment of additional numeracy practice in these early years will also reap long term benefits in the children’s general confidence and achievement levels across the board.

As we scale up we will need to employ professional staff. This will enable us to build and manage an organisation which ultimately can support thousands of children across hundreds of schools, whilst also ensuring that our service is appropriately supervised and responds to schools’ local needs.

Pre Covid-19, we developed a multi-year strategic plan to grow the number of children we support.  This incorporated all elements of income and expenditure, including employing part-time staff from 2020-21. Because of the virus, our plans have been put back a year, but we are optimistic that in 2021-22 we can grow the number of children we support to our original 2020-21 target, and hence that we will need to employ a part-time administrator.

Our ambition to continue contributing to our children’s futures, and to grow rapidly over the medium term remain very much intact.

A target long term financial goal is to provide our one-to-one support sessions for a full year at an all-in cost of £180 per child.  We intend to raise the majority of this cost through our own fundraising efforts, with the balance coming from a small charge per child to the schools. This year we charged schools who were able to pay just £60 per child per year, reduced if they found volunteers from their parent community.  This compares very favourably to literacy charities who charge around £300 per child per year.

We are tremendously grateful to all our past, present, and future donors for making Number Champions’ work possible.

If you are able to make a gift of any size or wish to understand more about our finances, please drop us a line on


We look forward to hearing from you!