All donations help Number Champions deliver and develop its service to children.

In our first two years we trialled our programme to children to establish and improve it and to accumulate evidence of positive impact. We did not charge schools during this trial period.  Since the successful conclusion of our pilot in 2020, we have charged our partner schools an affordable fee.  This contributes to our financial needs, while leaving about two thirds of our costs to be covered by donations.

Up to school year 2021-22 we have been run totally by volunteers and we have been able to keep our costs very low.  For example, we have no premises and our largest single cost to date has been purchasing a “teaching kit” for each In-school Volunteer for just under £10 each.  As we scale up, we need to employ professional staff to enable us to build and manage an organisation which ultimately can support thousands of children across hundreds of schools, whilst also ensuring that our service is appropriately supervised and responds to schools’ local needs.    This increased scale creates additional requirements for expenditure, particularly for staff.

We are delighted to have received generous support from the Portal Trust to enable us to employ our first (part-time) staff member from February 2022.  This will be transformative for Number Champions, giving us the organisational capability to grow to support 500 children by school year 2023-24.

Our ambition is to continue to grow rapidly beyond then, to provide much-needed support to an increasing number of children across an ever-widening area.

We are tremendously grateful to all our past, present, and future donors for making Number Champions’ work possible.

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