Number Champions obtained seed funding for our two-year pilot to July 2020, so that, during this initial period, the project could be free to schools.

Up till now, we have been run totally by volunteers and our expenditure has been modest. As we scale up we will need to employ professional staff. These will help build and control an organisation which ultimately can support thousands of children across hundreds of schools. This will require establishing long-term sources of funding.

A target financial goal is to provide our one-to-one support sessions for a full year at an all-in cost of £180 per child (before inflation). We intend to raise the majority of this cost through funders, with the balance coming from a small charge per child to the schools.

Pre Covid-19, we developed a multi-year strategic plan incorporating all elements of income and expenditure. This included employing our first part-time staff member in 2020-21. Because of the virus, we have to put back our plans for this, and we will continue on an all-volunteer basis for at least another year.

When the government has good enough data to make firmer predictions on the timetable of the epidemic and on the countermeasures to be imposed, we will make revised plans for 2020-21 and beyond. Our ambition and capacity to stay active and to grow rapidly over the medium term remain very much intact.

We will share all details of our plans with prospective funders.