What we do

Research shows that if children do not ‘get’ maths, the most effective time to help them is at an early stage so that they can master key concepts, regain confidence, and engage with classroom lessons.

Succeeding in this one area can increase their self-esteem and their involvement in education as a whole, with positive effects on their life chances.  This is why we focus on children aged six to eight (School Years 2 and 3).

We work in state primary schools and the majority of the children we help are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our trained In-School Volunteers run one-to-one weekly sessions during the school day, in school, but not in the actual classroom.  The volunteer acts as a maths ‘tutor’ to the same child for a full school year and uses maths games and other confidence-building exercises to engage the child and make the 25-minute sessions fun and rewarding. The school selects the children who will most benefit from this skills-based help.

‘One of the best moments for me, as our school’s maths leader, was overhearing a child get called to his [Number Champions] intervention, and him cheering and saying that it was the best part of his day!’

Head of Maths at Number Champions partner school in Barnet

We have current and former teachers acting as mentors who deliver training and on-going support to our volunteers, including observing them in a session with a child.  Our training also covers safeguarding, and we require schools to give volunteers an induction on their safeguarding policy and to run a DBS check.

We are currently partnering with schools in several London boroughs.  Given the size and importance of the issue we are addressing, and the very positive reception we have had from the educational community, our vision is to expand across London and eventually to scale up to a national level, so that we can help as many children as possible.

‘A-’s confidence in Maths has grown immensely and she really enjoyed all the sessions. L-made the sessions fun for the kids and they wanted to keep on going.

A- has passed her SATs in Maths and is now at the expected level of a Year 2 child.’

Number Champions partner school in Islington

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