We believe that every child deserves a good education, leading to better opportunities in life.  Numeracy, just like literacy, is a crucial part of this.

Our trained In-School Volunteers use games and other creative activities in one-to-one sessions with children aged 6-8 to help them make sense of numbers and so gain skills and confidence.  We are currently partnering with schools across London.

With Number Champions, every child counts!

We are delighted that, in recognition of the contribution of everyone at Number Champions, our founder was appointed this year as a Coronation Champion.

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“We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Number Champions into our school.

The volunteers have been very child-friendly, patient and understanding.

The children have all really enjoyed it and have grown in confidence alongside the improvement in their [maths] skills.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for some of our children to have really concentrated one-to-one adult attention.”

— Partner school, Brent