Achieving value for money

We are tremendously grateful to all our past, present, and future volunteers and donors for enabling the work of Number Champions.

We charge an affordable fee to our partner schools which provides 25% of our income.  The remaining 75% comes from donations.

Our part-time Head of Operations, Lorraine Gerrard, joined us in September 2022 and our part-time Operations Coordinator, Julie Cooke, joined us in September 2023. All other roles in the charity are performed by volunteers and we keep our costs very low. For example, we have no premises and we have managed to find pro bono expert support for IT development and for drafting of our legal documentation.

As we scale up, we will need more professional staff to enable us to build and manage an organisation which ultimately can support thousands of children across hundreds of schools, whilst also maintaining the quality of our service to children. Staff will also be needed to take over the management tasks which are currently carried out by the founder trustees, as they progressively reduce their involvement in day-to-day operations.