General Learning Resources

There are many websites offering free material to those wishing to help children learn maths. You can find these if, for example, you search ‘maths resources key stage 2 free’. Another useful search term is ‘primary maths video [subject]’. For example at the time of writing, ‘primary maths video place value’ brought up the enthusiastic Maths Antics video – there seems to be a video for almost any subject!

Some websites are orientated towards teachers, and some towards parents and guardians, but much of the material is useful for anyone. As these sites are not run by Number Champions we offer them on an information basis only – please use normal care in accessing sites and in evaluating the material.

For an example of how maths is actually taught in primary schools, you can check out this helpful short video from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

The NRICH Maths Project is run by the University of Cambridge and is used as a resource by many primary schools. It contains a vast quantity of material for every stage of school maths. For example, click on the top left of the page on ‘Primary Students’ to get to a page offering games and puzzles and much more.

White Rose Maths provides schools with ‘Schemes of Learning’  (SOL) with detailed teaching materials for each year and topic.  It is not unique in producing such material, but we mention it here as its site also offers free resources for parents and carers.

There are various commercial sites which sell maths teaching resources; they typically offer some material for free. We do not endorse their paid products, but it is worth looking at what they offer

Mathematics programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2 is a surprisingly readable document from the Department for Education.  It specifies what children have to learn in each year of the National Curriculum for maths (up to school Year 6). Our own Core Curriculum is extracted from this, as explained in Curriculum and Glossary.

We would welcome your comments on these sites or your recommendations for other sites we could link to on this page – please contact us.