Managing your Sessions

Key information for volunteers is a one-page summary of the most important information for In-School Volunteers, covering safeguarding, working with the children, and admin.

The documents BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD are to record children’s achievement of skills in the maths National Curriculum for each of Years 1 (Bronze), 2 (Silver), and 3 (Gold).  Volunteers can use these documents for their own records, for planning, or for reporting progress to the teacher.  They are written to be ‘child friendly’ so that volunteers can share them with a child if this seems a useful method of encouragement – probably when they have acquired a large number of the skills and can see the progress they have made. For most children, volunteers will start with Bronze to build their confidence, regardless of their school year; in any case the volunteer should follow the child’s lead in terms of pace.

Session tracker is a simple Word document for volunteers to create their own brief record of each session with each child.