Curriculum and Glossary

We want these online resources to be as useful as possible, so please send us your comments and suggestions.  Our volunteers can also obtain personal support from the schools they work in and from our network of Mentors.

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Number Champions has produced this version of the maths National Curriculum for Years 1, 2, and 3 as a basis for training and supporting our volunteers. It focuses on counting and the ‘four operations’: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

This is our Curriculum with each of the individual skills hyperlinked to support material. It is available as a resource to volunteers looking for a way of communicating the relevant idea to the child, and thus complements personal support from the Mentors and from the volunteer’s school.

Our Glossary explains terms used in primary school mathematics up to Year 2. We will be extending this to cover addional language used in Year 3.

You may use the items, which are copyright Number Champions, within your own family or, as a teacher, within your own school. You may also send the item in its entirety to other people (though not for commercial gain), provided you also send this paragraph regarding copyright conditions. If your proposed use falls outside these categories, please contact us for permission to use the material.