Every child deserves a good education so they can access better opportunities in life.

Numeracy, like literacy, is a crucial part of this.

Yet many children have difficulties with maths, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are working to write a new story where every child counts!

Improving in maths can increase a child’s self-esteem and their involvement in education as a whole.

We currently partner with over 30 state primary schools across London, where our trained volunteers run weekly one-to-one sessions for the children most in need of support.

Over a full school year, our volunteers use maths games and other creative activities to make the sessions fun and engaging so that each child gains in confidence and is inspired to learn.

The most effective way to help those who do not ‘get’ maths is to provide support at an early stage, so we help children aged six to eight (School Years 2 and 3).

Over 1,000 children have already benefitted from our highly successful programme.

‘One of the best moments for me, as our school’s maths lead, was overhearing a child get called to his [Number Champions] intervention, and him cheering and saying that it was the best part of his day!’

Partner school, Barnet

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